Beca partners with INCIT to ramp up Industry 4.0

One of Asia-Pacific’s largest independent engineering consultancies, Beca comprises more than 3,800 employees, and has delivered projects in over 70 countries. Beca’s purpose is “to make every day better” for its clients – and its recent partnership with INCIT will help it fulfil this purpose by leveraging the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).

Through this new partnership, some of Beca’s consultants have become Certified SIRI Assessors (CSAs), undergoing rigorous training and passing the CSA Examination.

These individuals are now qualified to carry out Official SIRI Assessments (OSAs) and can effectively use SIRI’s frameworks and tools to provide manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – with an objective, non-biased view of their production facilities.

The results of an OSA can also help manufacturers prioritise their next steps, pinpointing where to focus their resources for greatest impact in a short time.